Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 IDO Sale price: $0.01 Initial Circulating Supply: 300,000,000 Initial circulating market cap: $3,000,000 Type: ERC-20 on Polygon (MATIC) network Ticker: $TMG Contract address: 0x6d89f0456838fDA7277f38bc6ecaC3975092d5d7


Total Supply: Infinite Initial Circulating Supply: TBA Initial circulating market cap: TBA Type: ERC-20 on Polygon (MATIC) network Ticker: ENERGY Contract address: TBA

Token Supply

Based on expert guidance from our team of advisors, we have decided to set the total supply of $TMG to 1B. This means that gaming, staking, and airdrop rewards are more substantial and exciting for players. For example, rather than receiving 1 $TMG for completing a task you would receive 10 $TMG!


The Team’s token allocation, allows more tokens to be allocated to marketing. This will ensure TopManager can reach many new players in the near future.


After having our project reviewed by experts in the NFT gaming space we have decided to set our token airdrop to NFT Holders at 10M tokens. The rationale is that too many free tokens can cause selling pressure at token launch which could hurt the community.

Polygon (MATIC)

After receiving many requests from the community to integrate $TMG with Polygon network, we are excited to announce that TopManager’s main token $TMG will be an ERC-20 Token running Polygon network and allow for very low transaction fees. $TMG will initially launch on Polygon (MATIC) network via quickswap DEX in Q4 2022.

$TMG TokenSupply

Total Supply


Liquidity pool


Game Development

300,000,000 (20% Yearly)

Locked Tokens for 50 Years


Airdrops to Token holders

100,000,000 (Locked for 18 Months)


100,000,000 (Locked for 24 Months)

Airdrops to NFT Holders

10,000,000 (Locked for 12 Months)

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