Player NFT assets

Players are the most important asset of the game, as they will be the actual keys to determine the success of your football club.

Player Characteristics


A very important characteristic of the Players is their "Rarity". There will be 6 initial rarity classes for NFT "Players" and each rarity will be released in a limited amount! After game release, one more will be added. It will be the "Famous" rarity level, which will be exclusively minted by users of Top Manager. There will be also "common" Players which will not be on the blockchain and will be available to the users of the game for free in order to start playing.

Every rarity level will have a hard cap for the value for each skill and as shown in the next table:

Each player's ability value will improve with each training session and ranked match they play. After each season the value of the abilities will be reduced by 20.

Star Rating

Each Player has a specific amount of stars which shows the max “Gear” level he can be equipped with. That said, a 5 star Player can be equipped with an up to level 5 Gear, a 4 star Player with an up to level 4 Gear and so on. Lower lever “Gear” can be equipped to any Player that has at least the same amount of stars.

Position / Role

This is the natural position that the player occupies on the field. Some players with a more versatile profile will be able to perform well in several positions. If the player is used in a position that does not fit his role, his performance will decrease.

The positions that a player can occupy are as follows:

Special Abilities

These are special qualities that a player has. These will be predefined for every player that exists or will exist and it will be also possible to equip them. Special abilities will be decisive in match simulations, increasing the chances of successful action at a particular time. For example, a defender with the special skill of "Defensive Wall" will be more likely to interrupt a set-piece than another defender with the same characteristics but without that special skill.


These are the skills that define a player. These skills are important to the player's performance on the pitch, but will not be totally decisive since the condition, morale and a random component based on Random Number Generation technology will also be a factor during gameplay.

A player's skills are defined bellow:

Goalkeepers have a separate sheet of skills:

Fixed Attributes

Every player has a series of fixed attributes for the long term. These are showed on the NFT player card and include

  • Player Height

  • Use of right or left foot, or even both

  • Amount of Stars

  • Special ability

  • Suitable position on the terrain

Along with the condition and the morale of each player, injuries have also a role to play

Variable Attributes

These are the variable attributes that define a player condition and can change at any time:


Is the player's state of mind. The player's morale will be affected by the following factors:

  • Personal performance during games (goals scored, assists given)

  • The latest results from the team

"Morale" will affect the player's performance in matches.


This physical condition of the player. After performing a physical activity (a training, a match...) his condition will decrease due to physical exertion. It will take the player an average of 24 hours to recover 50% of his condition, but it will largely depend on the physical statistics of the player.

Players will be more likely to be injured if they do physical activity without having regained their physical condition. Skills improvements will also be reduced.


The player's health condition. If repeated physical exertion is performed without rest, the player might get injuries. That is why substitutions are important, that is why you should alway check the condition of the Players before the next match.

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