Top Manager Cosmos


Top Manager will be a football manager game where players create and manage a football team, take part in football leagues according to their level, as well as cup and champions leagues tournaments. There will be off course other events where players can take part and earn NFTs and our native $TMG and $ENERGY Tokens. These resources are used to buy rare items, upgrade their team, buy boosters or can just be sold on the market for real money! Players can work together and create an association where they will compete other associations in the Associations Tournament and win much greater rewards.

Top Manager is a dual currency blockchain game, apart from the $TMG token, $ENERGY token will be also part of the ecosystem. $ENERGY token will be also earned through daily, weekly and monthly tasks and will be used to buy “Morale”, “Condition” and "Health" boosters.

Here you see a quick preview of all the assets that TopManager Cosmos has to offer:

TokensNFT Assetsin-game Assets

$TMG (main)


Morale booster

$ENERGY (secondary)


Condition booster


Health booster

Special Ability



Top Manager will be a free to play game, so every user can start immediately playing the game. Thanks to blockchain technology, you will also be able to earn.

Every user will have an “experience points” bar (XP Point), and will get experience through his adventure in the Top Manager Cosmos. Higher XP levels unlock more features in the game and allows to earn more $TMG and $ENERGY tokens as well as take part in various events with really big prizes!

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