How to play


Players will have a team of up to 22 players which they start a season with. Strategy is as important as skill, your team composition and characteristics matter. You can train your team in order to improve their abilities and statistics. You can use ‘Energy Drink’ packs in order to rest the players faster as usual. There are also players with special abilities which gives them a small boost during gameplay, or you can just combine ability NFTs with a player and improve its performance.

Core gameplay

• Play in League, Champions League, Cup and Super League matches.

• Each Tournament will have different rewards and difficulty.

• Players earn these rewards such as NFTs, Energy Drink packs, tokens, and equipment.

• Players spend these rewards on recruiting and upgrading their team.

• Players use newly acquired NFTs to win progressively harder tournaments.

Additional gameplay

• Association matches

• Seasonal Event matches

• User created leagues

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