A quick summary of the game

The Beginning

As soon as you start playing Top Manager for the first time, you will be given 15 common Player cards, as well as some boosters in order to make it through the first stages of the game. The Player cards are not NFTs but will help you start the game and make your way in order to acquire real NFT assets and progress in the game.

Youth Academy

In the youth academy you will be able to “mint” new Players (NFTs) depending on your XP level. As soon as you mint them, you will then will be able to use them in the game and get better results in the league, cup or champions league.

Unranked Matches

As a new manager you will start your career by playing in unranked tournaments. Each season the winner will get NFTs as a reward and then start playing in ranked matches. (You are eligible to start playing ranked matches as soon as you hold at least 1 “Player” NFT asset.

Ranked Matches

Only users with at least 1 NFT “Player” can take part in Ranked matches, where they will be eligible to win bigger $TMG and $ENERGY prizes, as well as rare NFT assets.

Season start

Before the start of each season, there will be a small “Transfer” window where players must build their team and get prepared for the season. After this “window” closes, managers won’t be able to add or remove players from their team. That is very important in order to avoid manipulation of the draws. Another “Transfer” window will appear in the middle of the season, where managers would be able to add new players to the team until the end of the season.

League, Cup, Champions League DRAWS

Before each season there will be a random draw with all the teams that are registered with a team. The algorithm will split the teams according to their “Power” of the whole team, which will allow a fair gameplay for all managers, where skill and strategy will be the main skill in order to win the tournament.

Season end

When a season comes to an end, managers will be again able to trade, buy and sell Players in order to get prepared for the next algorithmic draw.

Seasonal Events

During each season there will be a variety of events that you will be able to take part and win really big prizes!

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